Thursday, October 23, 2008

Class #1 of 6 Is Complete

This year’s ‘Art For Earth’ program will see a total of eighteen paintings completed by the students of three elementary schools. Each of the three schools is scheduled to complete six workshops and six paintings. Class #1 is now complete in all the three schools. This painting was completed by the grade 2A class at Matthews Hall Independent School.

This next photo is a group shot and as you can see, all of the ten students won a special T-shirt for their efforts during the colouring contest portion of the program.

Here are three of the student’s drawings of the ‘Earth, moon and sun’:

The following poem was created using sentences from all the students:

Planet Earth

P lease don’t pollute the Earth
L ove the Earth
A rctic ice
N ow the Earth is our mother
E veryone is special
T hunder

E very night we can see stars
A nimals live on the Earth
R ead about the universe
T ake care of the Earth
H ow can I help?

It is obvious to me that these young minds have a deep understanding of the gifts that have been provided for all of us. I am confident that a future based on the ideals of peace, love and understanding will arise through this generation. I hope that people reading this will realize that it is our responsibility to ensure that today’s youth are provided with a positive learning experience.

Next week will see the beginning of class #2. The topic of discussion will be “The Temagami Forestland”.

In a few hours, I will be working with the students of the Montessori School. We will be completing the second of four truly unique paintings that will soon be donated to the four houses that are being built by London’s Habitat For Humanity. It should be a great class and I am looking forward to sharing those photos with you tomorrow.


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