Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ecology Matters

Today was my final day at Kensal Park School, creating art with one of the grade four classes – it was full of art and poetry.

The class began with the students handing in their homework assignments. The first assignment was to create a poem entitled “Planet Earth”. The students had to write these two words down the left side of their page and then they had to create sentences using each letter to begin their sentence. This poem was created using the best sentences from each of the students.

P lants provide food for animals and people
L ight is from the sun
A nimals are our friends
N othing can stop us from saving the Earth
E arth is our home
T rees provide oxygen for all living things

E cology matters
A ir conditioners waste electricity
R ecycling helps the environment
T reat the Earth with respect
H elp save our environment

I was amazed with the many varied answers that these students came up with.

The second assignment was for the students to design and colour in their own drawings of the Earth, moon and sun. I taped all the drawings to the blackboard and then I had a most difficult time with choosing five winners. Each of the five winning students received a special ‘Art For Earth’ T-shirt:

Here are three drawings – in no particular order:

For the rest of the day, we continued painting….

By 2:30 pm the painting ‘Earth and Sun’ was complete.

It brings such a big smile to my face to know that within a short, three-day period that I was able to witness the birth of so many brilliant sparks of imagination! Thank you to the principal of the school for allowing me to work with these students. Thank you to the grade four teacher for all of your assistance and guidance. And thank you to all the students for… well, everything!!!!


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