Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Could I Forget

Yesterday was a very busy and exciting day. After ‘Temagami Pine’ was finished I rushed home and wrote my blog and uploaded all the photos. It wasn’t until I was walking home that I realized I forgot to showcase the artwork and poetry that was created by my grade two students. So, here are two samples that I would like to share with you:

It’s always very exciting to see the artwork that the students produce. The colouring sheets that I hand out to the students are designed to allow each student to be uniquely creative. They are in absolute control over the destiny of their imaginations. One of the young artists told me that their mom had offered to help and the student told her mom that she didn’t want any help – she wanted to create her own drawing – by herself. I heard that the mother was very happy to see that her daughter was enjoying this assignment very much!

It is exciting for me to see that the students use the ideas that I teach them. One thing that I taught them was not to use the colour black for the universe. I told them that the universe is full of magic, wonder and life and that the colour purple would be a better choice because it is such an exciting colour. I also taught them that the colour for the universe should be lighter when closer to the sun and to use a darker shade as the drawing gets further away from the sun. Both of these ideas were used by one of the students – as you can see in the drawings above.

The other assignment that I gave to the students was to have them create a poem about the planet Earth. The following was created using lines from all of the student’s poems:

Planet Earth

P lanet Earth is spectacular
L ions are losing their homes
A ll of us need a healthy home
N ew trees are ready to grow
E very planet is different
T rees are very important to all people

E veryone can make a difference
A utomobiles are everywhere
R ecycling is our responsibility
T rees give us lots of oxygen
H elp others whenever you can

Thank you, grade 2B, for making my week so wonderful! I have enjoyed all the smiles we shared and I am glad that you want to make this world a better place – filled with lots of creative art!!!!

+ + + +

In just a few hours, I will be teaching at the Montessori House of Children. A new class begins today… and a new painting.


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Andy said...

So cool--thanks! 2B was very excited, to say the least, at seeing their work on your blog. It's such a wonderful project--thanks for making us a part of it. You'll have to come to Matthews Hall and check out the Grade 2 Gallery: their acrostics "Planet Earth" and universes are there for all to view.

Andy Cockbain