Monday, October 6, 2008

Murmur Mermer

Murmur Mermer
18” x 32”
acrylic paint on stretched canvas
January 2005

A close friend called me, one day, and asked me to paint a picture for him, inspired by the countryside we shared throughout our childhood. He wanted an Autumn scene. A few months later I returned to this region of Southern Ontario to visit my family for a Thanksgiving dinner. I spent a few hours in the hills with my camera, looking for inspiration. This painting was inspired by one of those photos. It captures many elements of this region: rolling hills, big sky, diverse tree species and, of course, the labours of the farmer. As you can see, I used a very small paintbrush to paint each little ‘pixel’ of the canvas.

Two townships shared one elementary school: Mulmur and Mono. Our school was called ‘Mulmur-Mono Elementary School’ – now say that ten times quickly and you’ll understand my attempt at a pun when I titled this peace.


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