Saturday, November 22, 2008

Catching Up

What a busy week! By Wednesday, another painting was completed. This was the third class in my Art For Earth workshops with the students from Matthews Hall Independent School. Here are a few photos…

Of course, I had another colouring contest with a few T-shirts going to the student’s favourite drawings. Here are three drawings…

The following poem was created by using sentences from many students’ work.

P lant lots of trees
L ove the Earth
A ll people should be helpful
N ever throw litter on the ground
E veryone can make a difference
T he Earth is a wonderful place

E arth needs our help
A ll people should be grateful
R emember what is really important
T ell people to lend a hand
H elp each other

+ + + +

Imagine my surprise when I was walking through the hallways of the school, when I suddenly saw that there was a beautiful display of poetry and art that was created during my last workshop at Matthews Hall, almost three weeks ago.

The grade 2B teacher told me that she was so delighted with the students artwork and poetry that she had to share this inspiration with the rest of the school.

+ + + +

I noticed another art display in the new library. These twenty-seven canvases were painted during my 2007-08 Art For Earth workshops. If you look closely, you will notice that each canvas is slightly different. Yes, we created an animation film. This film is now available for you to view at my youtube account. Here is the link:

+ + + +

I spent Thursday and Friday with the students of Kensal Park School. These students were learning about the Temagami forestland. I used the same teaching techniques that I taught myself a few weeks ago. While I’m talking about ‘what makes a healthy forest’, I ask the students to help me draw a forest on the blackboard…

Then the painting began…

On Friday, the painting continued…

This painting will be finished this coming Friday. I’m excited to see the artwork and poetry that the students are now creating – for their chance to win a special T-shirt!

Whew! Now, I’m caught up, a bit. I’ll be spending this weekend preparing my classes and canvases for this coming week.

Until again,


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