Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Didn’t Do It!!!

As people become aware of the urgency needed to act positively to protect our environment it is important to realize that all of the first steps begin at home.

A few weeks ago, Joanne and I were visiting with my family for the weekend. I even wrote a song about it!

We left with a cooler filled with frozen berries from their garden and lots of green tomatoes (that ripened very nicely over the following weeks) and their old computer. Now I’m only five years behind of technology instead of nine.

That was easy!!!

Jo’ and I get a more updated computer system so we benefit. This system stays out of the garbage so the Earth benefits. Our (now) old computer will soon be donated to charity so the community benefits. And Elly and Guido have a new box to play with so my family benefits.

There’s more…

Before, when I was preparing my photographs for this blog and my facebook albums, I would ride my bike (not polluting and getting exercise and feeling Nature surround me) for twenty minutes to a PhotoShop. Then I would pay $0.55 for each photo I needed, before I rode back home to then scan and get ready the photos. After that, I would ride my bike back downtown to go to the library, where I upload these stories and images.

Because I now have a better computer, I save lots of time (to now spend with Joanne), money and paper with inks to make the photos so the Earth benefits and I benefit twice!

Still more…

Since I am running low on my art print supply for my art workshops, I decided that the cardboard boxes (that the computer came in) would be used for a backing for the print. So, even the boxes were reused!!!

From the parts of the box that I can’t use, I made a cardboard sculpture for our living room… ahhmmm! I mean Princess Elly!!!

She wanted to show off to Guido, so she decided to make some art of her very own.

And that’s about it…

We all need to learn that protecting the Earth’s environment is meant to be a chore filled with joy and respect so that all may prosper.

+ + + +

We spent quite a bit of time getting the new computer up and running. When I was setting up my picture files and such, I came across a few images of paintings that my mom painted over the last decade. I’d like to share some with you now…

The following paintings are a part of Jim’s “I Didn’t Do It” collection.

My mom has been painting for about ten years. She’s always drawn a bit, here and there, over the years, but she was always busy with kids and the house and the garden and life. Just a little while after I had decided to pursue the arts my mom made a similar decision. I became an artist to share an important message with the world. My mom became an artist to challenge her imagination to create scenes about our present world to share with friends and neighbours.

I’ll have to ask her if she can send me some more paintings so that I can share them with you. She has many other wonderful works – but our new computer only had a few older paintings for me to share. Oh yeah! My mom has a website, too:

Put a smile on your face and reuse something today… it’ll make a world of difference.


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