Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day of Threes

I spent most of my day, yesterday, with the students of Kensal Park School. It was the third day I painted with these students and by the end of the day the third painting in my series of six was complete. Here are pictures from these days…

Later, I went to the downtown library to work on their computers. I visited – online – one of London’s community newspapers. I read a story about my art workshops with the students of The Montessori House of Children. Here is the link to that story: . This was the third time my picture has appeared in a newspaper, this year.

The third great thing that happened to me, yesterday, occurred while I was working on the computer.

A teenage boy approached me and with a questioning tone in his voice he asked, “Are you Jim?”. I looked up and said, “Yes, I am… and you are Chris.” He was very happy that I had remembered him.

In 2004, a little while after Joanne and I had moved back to London, from Nova Scotia, I began to organize an environmental art workshop with the help of the Central Library. Chris was one of my students.

It was great to see him, after nearly four years. He sure was a lot bigger, now! We chatted for quite a while – I enjoyed hearing that Chris had continued to pursue his interests in art. He had told me that my art classes were the thing that really got him interested. Can you imagine how happy that made me feel???!!!!

Chris is now in grade 11 and he is studying at one of London’s most recognized ‘School of the Arts’. He told me that after high school he will be attending Fanshawe College’s Graphic Design course.

Every once in a while I wonder if the work that I am doing is having any kind of positive effect. It’s moments like these that make me realize that I am helping influence a younger generation in many positive ways!!!


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