Saturday, November 29, 2008

Temagami Pine #3

The grade 3 students of Kensal Park sure know how to put a smile on my face. What a great pleasure for me!!!

Yesterday was the final day of this art workshop and we began with the judging of the colouring contest. I am always impressed with the student’s art , but – pardon me – I mean BUT!!!! I could not believe the high quality images that these children created. I was really blown away!

The colour blending was phenomenal! The textures that they designed were masterful! The ‘flow’ of their linework would humble Tom Thompson. The student’s passion is overwhelming! The one drawing that really put a light into my eye made me feel like I was on the moon, viewing the Earth in the distance – this artist also drew a meteor impacting the moon! Take a look for yourself…

These students were very happy to win a special ‘Art For Earth’ T-shirt!

This is a poem that the students created for me:

P lease keep our planet clean
L earning something about EARTH makes us smart
A ir is our greatest need
N o more plastic bags and other garbage
E arth is a very special place
T he third planet from the sun

E at healthy and you will be healthy
A Korean word for Earth is Jeegoo
R ecycle, reuse and reduce
T urn garbage into something useful
H elp clean our world

After the contest prizes were given away, the painting continued…

By the end of the day ‘Temagami Pine #3’ was completed.

Thank you, grade three students of Kensal Park, for sharing all your warm smiles and open hearts with me!!!


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