Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I’m Speechless – Now With The Words…

I wanted to get the students excited about participating in my ‘colouring contest’, so I decided to give away one T-shirt. I asked three of the students to come to the front of the class. Then, I asked each of them to tell the class one thing that they had done (in the last twenty-four hours) to help make this world a better place. The answer that the class decided was the best – got the T-shirt.

The first student tells the class how she walked around her block, with an empty garbage bag, filling it with litter. She said that she really wants everyone to stop leaving garbage on the ground.

I hesitated for a moment… and I asked her to tell me that story again. She did. I was still in shock. I am soooooo amazed that these young students are working so hard to understand this need for change, by doing the things that they are doing.

That story could not be beat…

The next student told how he and his father had walked into a nearby wooded area, with a garbage bag, and they, too, had it soon filled with garbage.

What was going on here?!!! Something smelled fishy….

Later, I learned that these two students belonged to the school’s ‘Green Team’ and that their newest assignment was to clean up garbage around the areas where they live. The students that make up this team of environmental learners are from all the grades and they have accomplished many, many goals over the years. A quite inspiration is blooming in our world with positive action. If you listen closely, you just might be able to hear the celebrations of our united future…


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