Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art For Earth 2008-09 Year End Exhibition

My warmest thanks to the principals, teachers and especially the students for making this a very successful year. I had a great time working with all of you!

As a part of this program, I had the students create their own poem to express how they felt about this wonderful world of ours. To conclude with this whole program I thought that it would be appropriate if I created my own poem to express my newfound inspiration while thinking of our collective future…

P eople from around the world are uniting to protect our home
L earning about the history of environmental responsibility is the first step
A waken our spirits to discover who we really are
N ever feel that we are not strong enough to overcome these challenges
E veryone has a part to play – no matter how big or how small
T ake the time to listen to your heart when you need direction

E ventually we will all realize the joy that comes with love and peace
A live is our consciousness – and growing everyday
R eflex with a gentle hand to help others
T ruth is found in the breeze that whispers in our ear
H ome is a planet that provides for all of our needs (not wants)

March 03, 2009

Jim Kogelheide

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