Sunday, March 1, 2009

Final Preparations

I’m really excited about the upcoming art classes that I’ll soon be teaching, starting next weekend. Just today, I finalized the flyer for these workshops…

Over the next week or so, these flyers will be distributed through many London elementary schools. I hope that we get a great response!

I met with my assistant, this afternoon, to continue our work. The canvases have been primed and Chris is spending today transferring our designs onto the canvases. I spent about an hour with him, explaining and showing him how this is done.

Chris and I will be getting together this coming Tuesday to finish this work and to mix all the paints that we’ll be needing.

If there are any Londoners reading today’s short blog, that would like to share this information with anyone that they think may be interested in painting with me, please feel free to… and thanks!


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