Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Is Love – Continues…

A week or so ago, I shared a story and pictures about my newest art project. I’m creating a painting that will eventually be a portrait of my wife, Joanne. The progress of this painting will be very slow because I am only applying small bits of paint at one time. After each ‘phase’ of painting is complete, I take a photo of the whole canvas, before I continue to the next phase. In the end I will have taken many hundreds of photos – each photo sees a few more bits of paint being applied. I will be able to sequence all of these photos to create an animation film of the painting being created.

If this seems difficult in itself, I will have to agree, but I’ve made it even more challenging…

As I’m applying these small bits of paint I am also – very slowly – going to be spelling words that will eventually create a poem – within the painting. This is where I will stop with the telling of my plan (cuz it does get even more complicated) to show you what I mean.

One of the reasons why I’m ‘going over this again’ is because one of my blog readers made a funny comment when I first explained this process. He said that the project sounded very ambitious, but he had no clue what I was talking about! LOL!!!

So, here we go….

First, I start with a blank canvas (except for my construction guidelines).

Then a few bits of paint are added.

Then a few more bits of paint are added.

After the first two weeks – and about 8 photos later – you can see a ‘gathering’ of small bits near the top of the canvas.

After another week has gone by, I managed to take another 7 photos, which brings us to where I am now. The first word in my poem is beginning to take shape – LOVE.

As the next several months go by, I will continue to add more bits of paint in this seemingly random fashion until the whole poem is clear and visible. Then I’ll explain the next phase of this project. For now, I just wanted a chance to explain this process again so that everyone has an understanding of what the heck is goin’ on! LOL!!!

Until again…


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