Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sharing Canadian Music

In a few of my blogs, I’ve mentioned how interesting it is to be on Facebook – connecting with people from around the world. 60% of my fb friends are from different continents and this always proves to be very unique. I see many languages – that I don’t understand – printed across my computer screen. I’ve had conversations with people from many different countries… and that’s always been fun!!!

Just recently, I was sharing stories about rock bands with a friend living in the Middle East. I had asked if he had heard of The Tragically Hip before and my reply was “No”. I popped onto Youtube and I found a video for one of my favourite Hip tunes and I sent it to him. That gave me an idea…

Later, I went back to Youtube and I searched for more Canadian Rock ‘n Roll videos. I found links to:
Our Lady Peace – Starseed .

After a few searches I finally selected a live recording of Tea Party’s – Writings On The Wall .

I searched for Barstool Prophets videos and I only found four selections… luckily I knew (and enjoyed) one of the songs available . Unfortunately, there is no video. Fortunately, it’s a great song!

And, the band that started this whole ‘Canadian Music Theme’ on my Facebook page is The Tragically Hip – Ahead By a Century !!!

So, for the last week – every second day – I’ve been adding a link to one of the videos mentioned above. It’s been a lot of fun to read comments posted by people who have never heard of these bands before – saying that they enjoy the Canadian spirit in Rock ‘n Roll!!!

“I feel that the world grew a little bit smaller, today.”


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