Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First Rock Video

When I was putting up my art display, in February, I noticed that I had forgotten to finish painting the bottom border on one of the canvases. A few days later, I went back to the library with a container of the colour that I needed and a brush. While I was painting this bottom border a young lady had come by to view the other paintings. She was very surprised to learn that the painting that she was admiring was created by grade two students – as a part of my ‘Art For Earth 2008-09’ program. We had a great conversation about art, the environment and sharing inspiration with the youth.

Melissa had shared with me that she, too, was an environmental activist – of sorts – and that she was working on a film that was aimed at exploring our environmental neglect when building new subdivision developments within London. She had asked if I would be interested in sharing some of my thoughts – on film – for her movie. We met a few days later to do that interview.

It’s always interesting when unexpected situations arise due to chance meetings.

A week or so had gone by and a thought popped into my head… I had some stock footage on a dvd that I had filmed last October, at my parent’s house, while Joanne and I were visiting for Thanksgiving weekend. Here’s a link to that story: . Joanne and I had taken my dad’s camera and my guitar out into the back hills and we recorded two of my songs, plus some extra footage. My thought was to ask Melissa if she would assist me in editing one of these songs – my first Rock ‘n Roll video!!! She agreed.

We met at the downtown library, just yesterday, and two hours later the video was done. The video is very simple. All we needed to do was create an introduction and a conclusion for the video while the main body was simply a one-camera angle of me playing my song. Melissa had brought her laptop computer and we sat in a quiet corner of the library to do our work. We both had a lot of fun and my excitement was continuously building as we got more and more done.

Since I am a man of little money, I often use my artwork as a bartering tool to get things done. Melissa was very happy to exchange her time and expertise for one of my artprints. I chose for her, one of my earliest and most cherished images, ‘Dreaming of a Better World.’ (


to introduce my first music video on the world stage of Youtube…

World On A Chain



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