Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December - January Exhibition

I arrived at Grooves Records (http://www.groovesrecordstore.com/) on Saturday afternoon to put up my art display only to find that the previous artist had not yet taken down their display. This happens a lot with artists.... So, I found a nice space in the back room and stored my artwork there until I was able to hang my exhibit.

I got a phone call, yesterday, telling me that my space was now clear and that I could come by at any time to hang my artwork. I went by this afternoon.

I walked into the record shop and to my delight I noticed that my paintings were already hanging on the walls. Troy - the owner - felt bad about the mix up on Saturday and he had spent this morning hanging my display. Thanks Troy!!!!!

So, until the end of January you will be able to visit my art in the warm comfort of London's best music store. Enjoy!!!!


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