Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dreaming Of A Better World

Yesterday, was the launch of a four-day art auction to raise funding for London’s Habitat For Humanity. Until this coming Saturday at 5:00pm the community is invited to the Arts Project (SW corner of Dundas and Clarence) to view and bid on one or all of the four paintings that were created by the students of the Montessori House of Children.

London’s Rogers Television made it to this event and I believe the interview will be aired tonight after 5:00pm.

It will be a few days until I receive photos from this event to share with you, so I thought I’d share a story about one of my earliest art creations.

In this pen and ink rendering you will see an organic looking dude flowing with life and muscle surrounded by the landscape of his alien world. This world excites the eye with creatures living in harmony with their environment. The sun is drawn with thoughts inspired by vegetation growth because all of life begins as a ray of sunlight. It seems curious that this alien, living within a representation of peace, balance and harmony, would be dreaming of a better world… but it’s true!

He’s dreaming of our Earth, which is drawn in the upper right of this image. The clouds are drawn in the shape of a baby, nearing birth. This symbolizes the Earth’s present state of being. It shows that we are nearing our birth as a unified global civilization, about to embark on a truly unique journey. Once we have evolved and grown into this state of being (after leaving our oppressive Industrial ways), we will be a better world when compared to a vision of the perfect ideal.

+ + + +

Not too long ago, I shared a story about how I’ve found a fun way to share my artwork with my facebook friends from around the world. Right now, I’m preparing three packages that I hope to get into the mail before the end of next week. These packages are going to Denmark, Malaysia and Texas and they will be filled with my peace Stik-ers, a promotional DVD and a print of ‘Dreaming Of A Better World’.

I love it when my artwork goes on permanent vacations to exotic locations!


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