Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank You

Over the last half year, I have met many people from around the world through the wonderous technology of the internet. I’ve taken many opportunities to share my artwork, poetry and stories and in return I’ve had many people share their stories and pictures with me. It’s been a really great way to realize that the spirit of ‘Peace’, that is found in every one of us, is growing stronger as we begin to forge a new path for future generations: a path that embodies the ideals of sustainability, prosperity and community.

I spent a bit of time, this morning, rummaging through some of my artwork trying to find something that I could send (via cyberspace) to these friends to thank them for all the joyous thoughts that we’ve shared. At the back of one of my file folders I spotted a pen and ink drawing that dates back to my first year of being an artist. I smiled because I really did find a ‘Thank You’ to share. While I was scanning this image I wrote a little poem to go along with it…

Here is a drawing of two seeds that I planted
a little while ago.
The ‘good karma’, ‘peaceful thoughts’ and ‘smiles’
that you’ve sent to me
has really helped them grow.
These tangled vines have intertwined
to show you how I feel.
From me to you a simple ‘Thank You’
for sharing with me
something so real.


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