Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peace-Fire - a poem

I was a little busy, last evening, preparing some documents for a future art project. While I was rummaging through a box of poetry, I stumbled upon a poem that I wrote just before the change of the new millennium.

PEACE-FIRE (Thoughts For The New Millennium)

This world has changed in so many ways
Restructuring continental shifts
Each movement can be measured in days
Rising mountains create musical rifts
The tides of time ebb and flow
Harmonizing universal rapture
Filling the spaces between the flowers that grow
If only my imagination could capture
The heartbeat, the pulse, the vibrations that liberate
Tearing body from mind from mesmerizing state
Then, maybe, I’d know that it is not too late
To build a guild and have the whole world celebrate
A Peace-Fire.

This world is changing
Though we’re feeling quite blasĂ©
For history walks a slow line forward
Never forgetting a single grave
The old, the young, the guilty and the framed
The trees, the rivers, the poison
The fish, the bugs and those who don’t feel the need to explain
About this home, our Earth
Being a garden mausoleum
Though cycles revolve
And species evolve
And life is always as it would
Does this dissolve
Us from trying really hard
To create a Peace-Fire uniting all humanhood?
With no more hatred, no more greed
Let’s share with each other and make amends
For when it is time to plant tomorrow’s love seed
We’ll need all to lend a helping hand.

Jim Kogelheide

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This is just a reminder to those living in the London, Ontario region that FREE peace Stik-ers are available at Grooves Records during my December – January exhibition. Enjoy!!!!


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