Saturday, December 13, 2008

Even Teachers Like To Paint

The students of Kensal Park were going on a field trip, Wednesday afternoon, so I arrived right at the start of the school day to make sure that we completed our painting. I had just finished setting up the paint station when I noticed several folded pieces of paper, with my name on it, resting by my jacket. Someone had left a present for me. I smiled and opened the pages.

The first page was a letter. It said: “Dear Mr. Jim. It was so nice to have you in our classroom for those three days. I learned so much about art. And I LOVE ART! It was fun painting with you. I LOVED THE PAINTING A LOT!!!”

The second page had this wonderful drawing…

The third page had a picture of me relaxing on a sandy beach…

Through the years, many students have created presents for me. They always make me feel very special. Thank you, Maaiingan, for putting a huge smile on my face!!!

We had a very busy day finishing the painting…

Even the teacher of the class wanted a chance to add to the painting and the students thought that this was great.

And then… it was done!

The painting needed a few minutes to dry, before we took a group photo, so we had the judging of the colouring contest. Here are the winning artworks…

Did you notice the detail in the top left corner of this drawing

And here is the poem that the class all helped to create…

P lants help provide food for bugs
L ove the Earth we live on
A person should
N ever eat unhealthy food
E nergy comes from our sun
T oads are animals on the Earth

E arth is our home
A nimals are our friends
R ecycle to help our planet
T eeth make nice smiles
H elping is important

Thank you, grade four students, for sharing your inspiration with me. I had a great time and I know that you did, too!!!


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