Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Art For Facebook Friends

A little over a month ago, I decided to have a bit of fun on my Facebook page. I invited anyone to share a story about what they did to make this world a better place. The best response won an art print from my collection. I was amazed by the number of responses. Just a few days ago I decided to do this again.

This time, I asked Facebook friends to share a story about what they’ve done to clean up our world. I wrote the first story and I told how I had made 40 cents after I had picked up 4 empty beer bottles that were tossed along the edge of a pathway near a park that I take my dog to. Here are the other stories…

Luciana from Argentina wrote, “To help clean the world of inequality, a couple of weeks ago I met for a working group to try to bring solar energy equipment to a small town of Salta, Argentina .... We are still in the attempt!”

Markus from Monaco wrote, “I live in an apartment complex that has certain, marked containers for Recycling-Trash. When it gets 'fed' wrong, they won't empty it and put big sticker on it 'Filled wrong'. People keep putting their trash all around it until someone finally picks out the 'wrong' stuff and ends the mess! This week that someone was ME! :)”

My personal friend Karl from London, Ontario wrote, “I supported Barrack Obama because he represents Peace, Environmentalism, Cooperation and a Peoples Government!”

Pat from Hartford, CT wrote, “We keep on night lights only at night. I have always recyled my garbage - bringing cans once a month to a recyler. I pick up litter, help animals in need (a duck,opposum,a bat,homeless cats and other birds). I have bought the environmentaly friendly light bulbs.

Tracey from Halifax, NS wrote, “I use cloth grocery bags all the time. I try not to flush the toilet unnecessarily,or run water excessively. I save my magazines and read them over many times.Get bills through email.Reuse,reuse,reuse and garden and compost,which is too much pleasure to count,haha!! :)”

My funny Facebook friend Jenn from Malaysia wrote, “1) I have send more correspondences and invitations through email and sms rather than local conventional mail postings. 2) I collected recycle old books/newspapers and donated out to the charity and needy funds.

Traci from Texas wrote, “I use cloth bags for shopping, have switched every light in the house including the outside lights to the energy saving 20 year bulbs, have LED lights for christmas to save energy, donate any items I no longer need or want, have all of my bills come electronically to reduce paper being used, giving christmas gifts of plants, flowers, and gardening ... Read Moreitems, shred any papers I do recieve to use as packing materiel instead of buying the plastic peanuts or bubble wrap, and reuse the boxes and bags from christmas, birthdays, or any other holiday that I receive. It is probably not enough but it is at least a start :)”

Mollie from Toronto
wrote, “At work, I picked several paper coffee cups out of the garbage and put them in the recycle bin. (I do this ALL the time and still can't figure out why people don't realize that paper cups are... uh... well, paper!)”

Mollie made me feel really great by telling me that this ‘contest’ is a good idea to share inspiration around the world. She’s right!!!

It’s important for everyone to realize that we are not alone in our attempt to clean our home – planet Earth. I’m sure that on many occassions we feel that we may be the only one working towards this goal and if we are the only one then we can be easily discouraged. By finding ways to share inspirational stories from across this globe, I hope to keep the ‘light’ of Earthly consciousness alive!


PS – Ha! Ha! I forgot to annouce the winner of my ‘contest’. Because it so close to Christmas I thought that maybe I should give away more than just one of my art prints, so I’m giving away three. Surprise! I was most impressed with the responses from Traci (Texas), Markus (Monaco) and since Jenn (Malaysia) is a source of constant inspiration for me, I’m sending her a print too!

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