Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Working Day Off

I spent most of yesterday preparing for my class (this afternoon) at the Montessori House of Children. When I have an entire day of mixing paints and prepping canvases I always enjoy filling my CD player with five different bands, to keep me company for the afternoon.

I always try to give myself a good mix. I’ll choose bands from each of the last four decades and the fifth CD is usually a mixed sampler with music from different parts of the world. This was my mix…

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti – Disc 1

Agents of Good Root – One by One

Eurythmics – Touch

Big Sounds, Small Planet – Sampler

Jethro Tull – A Little Light Music

The ‘Agents of Good Root’ album was one that I found in a discount bin at a record shop. I really enjoy searching through these bins cuz I always see soooooo many bands that I have never heard of before. I like to expand my music collection as much as I can and this is a cheap way to do that. Of course, sometimes I’ll select bands that I end up not liking (these CDs I donate to my local Goodwill store) but most times I am very happy with these new tunes.

Here are some of the lyrics from a song entitled ‘Upspin’ by the Agents…

Life can be a drag
Like a typical B-Grade nightmare
And you never wake up
And the Boogeyman’s laughing on his high chair
That was my scene
All doubt
No truth
And no cares
‘Til you set my world free
And let the music ring
True as the dove sails

Now I’m singing in the sunshine
Dancing in the rain again
Making love out in the moonlight
‘Cause the world is on an upspin

When I find a new band that I feel has talent that needs to be shared, I enjoy finding ways to do just that. Thank you for letting me share with you!


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