Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Didn’t Do It – Art Collection

Over the years, I have always loved when I am surprised by a gift of art from a budding human being. This is the gift that I received yesterday…

The other day, I walked across the street to my neighbours. They were soon to leave on a trip for a few days and I was to (and now am) looking after their dog. Marnie’s daughter Taylor, and I spoke about her attending one of my future art classes and then she began to show me her drawing skills by drawing a picture of a dog, Garfield, and Curious George. They were all very good! I invited Taylor to visit my blog, so that she could see the artwork created by my students. I told her to pay attention to the fact that each drawing must have two things: a subject matter, and an environment and that the drawing should fill the drawing space.

I came home, from my task of letting their dog out and feeding him, with this drawing. Not only did Taylor fill the entire space, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the right side of the page isn’t straight… and Taylor followed this line as well! I was certainly impressed with this attention to detail.

I was even more grateful for receiving this drawing because it gave me such a wonderful and heartfelt story to end this year of 2008.

Wishing everyone the opportunity to recognize our ability to be artful in all we do…


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