Monday, December 15, 2008

My Home – Announcement for the Unveiling

Last Thursday was the last day of my workshops with the students of the Montessori House of Children. It was a relaxing day of painting for the students while I provided some final suggestions before the paint started to fly…

Just two short hours later, the final painting in this series of four was completed. The students did a great job and they were all very pleased with their efforts.

Since then, my phone has been ringing and my email inbox has been receiving many letters, in preparation for this Wednesday’s event.

A few weeks ago, a story was printed in the Londoner ( ) about the efforts of these students and how these paintings were meant to help a local organization – Habitat For Humanity. A downtown art gallery – The Arts Project – read the story and they wanted to contribute to our effort. They offered us a venue to have a public unveiling so that the community could attend and see this group of four canvas paintings. Everyone was very happy with this contribution.

While we were preparing for this event, someone suggested that we should auction these paintings to raise funds for Habitat. So, we are. Here’s the deal…

This Wednesday, between 4-4:30pm the unveiling of these paintings is going to take place. This event will be at the Arts Project – on the south side of Dundas Street – just west of Clarence. I’ll be there, as well as a few people from HFH, a few teachers and a handful of students from Montessori. There will be a few short speeches and of course, the unveiling of the artworks.

From this time until about 5pm Saturday afternoon, the auction will be taking place. So, even if you can’t make it to the opening the paintings will continue to be on display for three more days. After all of this, the highest bidders will be informed that they have bought their paintings and then this group of four will be separated to find new happy homes to live in!!!

I hope to see you there.


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